1. Silver plating Technology

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          Silver Plating Process

          Tianshui XD silver plating line is the copper-based silver plating production line built by XD Group in 2016 in Tianshui City with investment of 20 million, which realized the production of copper and copper alloy parts pretreatment and partial hanging plating, rolling plating and the automatic continuous production of rotating electroplating. Put into operation at the end of 2017, the annual production capacity is thirty thousand pieces of contact products, 3 million pieces of button contacts and one hundred thousand pieces of spring contacts.

          This line adopts the international advanced environmental protection idea, uses the advanced craft equipment to realize the ecological environment protection, energy saving and emission reduction, the green electroplating, which protects workers’ health and guarantees the enterprise sustainable development.

          1. Workshop panorama


          2. Automatic production line


          3. water source heat pump. 


          Using heat recycle method, instead of traditional electric heating, energy saving and eliminate fire hazards. 

          4. pure water equipment, reclaimed water reuse equipment.

          pure water


          Reclaimed water reuse


          Strictly implement the state regulations on environmental protection, and the waste water is recycled and reused to ensure that the effluent  meets the national and local sewage discharge standards.

          5. purification tower


          The exhaust gas is equipped with purification equipment according to the requirements of environmental protection so that the discharge concentration can reach the national standard.

          6. online monitoring room 


          The monitoring data is stored and shown in real time through the network to ensure the safe discharge of electroplating.

          7. Plating solution on-line monitoring and automatic addition 


          8. Electroplating by Non-soaking process

          9. All kinds of hanging tools guarantee electroplating quality